8/13/2022: Fundamentals of Paddling - Demo Day and Double/Single Blade Clinic

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Fundamentals of Paddling: Demo Day and Double/Single Blade Clinic

When:        August 13th, 2022 at 10:00 AM

Where:    Little Dixie Lake, Fulton, MO 65251

Who:        Bryan and Alma Hopkins, sponsored by Midwest Paddle Adventures

Contact:    midwestpaddleadventures@gmail.com

*Additional information will follow - please confirm all contact information is accurate.*

**Box lunch (likely sandwiches/chips from a local business TBD) will be provided. If you have any dietary restrictions, PLEASE include them in the comments section during checkout - we will attempt to accommodate to the best of our ability.**

Midwest Paddle Adventures is excited to announce an opportunity to welcome Bryan and Alma Hopkins for a clinic covering paddling technique, nutrition, and other tips and tricks to help you get closer to your paddling goals. 

This event will primarily be focused on endurance racing but open to anyone who is interested in improving their technique, would like to better understand how to take care of their body while in the boat, or those looking for new gear to get them on the water. 

The event will provide the chance to test a number of different boats and paddles, get individualized instruction on how to become a better paddler, the opportunity to catch up with old paddling friends (while making new ones)...and maybe even end with friendly races/raffles!

Be prepared with your boat, pfd, paddle as well as a chair, appropriate clothing, and plenty of snacks/drink.

Bryan Hopkins, a veteran racer and paddling addict. Bryan will present a stroke clinic for both double blade and single blade that will transition to on water observation and corrections on a one-on-one basis. Bryan has obsessed on good form due to it's significant benefit in speed, endurance, and injury prevention and believes in passing that advantage on to fellow paddlers.

Alma Hopkins is also a veteran racer and has both a nutrition degree and a masters in exercise physiology. She will discuss fueling your body for endurance racing as well as tips and tricks to achieve those goals, even when confined to a racing boat.

Midwest Paddle Adventures will have an assortment of products available to rent, demo, or purchase!

No boat? Looking for a new paddle? Realize your PFD rubbed and may need an alternative for next year?

A range of boats, paddles, PFDs, and accessories from Nelo, P&H, Vaikobi, Mocke, Gearlab, Jantex, Gurney Gears, Garmin, Smart Track, and Llama Racks will be available.

Since 2018, Midwest Paddle Adventures has focused on bringing high quality paddling equipment to the Midwest, offering an opportunity to try items before committing to a purchase.

Contact Nathan Martin at midwestpaddlingadventures@gmail.com for information on rentals or with any other questions regarding the event.