Gearlab Malik (Fiberglass)

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The Malik is a great solution and companion for paddle clubs, touring service, those fresh to Greenland-style paddling, or simply a spare paddle. The blade, made of polypropylene, is a scratch resistant and impact proof material. With two shaft options, the stiff carbon fiber or fiberglass, the Malik offers a options for paddlers that want a quality paddle with durability not possible with carbon fiber blades.

The Malik offers many premium features from Gearlab's iconic paddles including a Diamond Joint connection, Titanium Hardware, and Two Piece design.

You will find the same exchangeable ProTek tips and carbon fiber D-Joint grips previously available only on Gearlab’s high-end lines.

Polypropylene carries a specific gravity of 0.9, which means it floats and is lighter than water. Pound for pound, it is also stronger than steel. This makes Malik a great solution for kayakers new to Greenland-style paddling, kayak clubs, or a perfect paddle to learn an Inuit roll.

Fiberglass Shaft Specs:

Length 220 cm
Loom Length 53 cm
Blade Width 8.8 cm
Weight 990 ± 30 g
Blade Material Polypropylene
Loom Material Carbon Fiber