Interested in participating in a river adventure but don't have the gear? Let us help! We have a growing fleet of boats and paddles that will fit your needs - ranging from Aluminum canoes to Sea Kayaks and Surfskis! Rent it for the day or racing season. Pictures coming soon!

To rent, please contact us with the equipment needed along with the dates and we will discuss all available options. Multi day/boat discounts are available.

Think Zen (River, Carbon/Kevlar): 

Kodiak Prijon (Poly, Plastic): This solo 17' boat is a great all around boat - it can be raced or loaded down for a leisurely camping trip. Constructed out of HTP Plastic, these boats are known for their durability and stability. Two dry hatches and ample storage options. Overstern rudder for efficient steering.

Necky Elaho (Poly, Plastic): A great kayak for smaller paddlers, this 17' boat has three hatches to store all your gear for the trip. With an overstern rudder, maneuvering is a breeze allowing for each stroke to push you forward.

Mohawk Nova 17 (Royalex): Floating gets more fun with more people and this tandem canoe is great for that! Constructed from Royalex, it is relatively durable and very easy to maneuver. Great for a weekend float or to experience racing without the competitive push.

Osagian Aluminum (Aluminum): A true adventure is only possible when you can count on your gear, and this boat is nearly unsinkable. With room for plenty of gear and two people, this aluminum 17' canoe is perfect for those who are timid about being on the water or who will be floating through shallow streams/large debris areas.