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The Leo is a versatile, 3 hatch (4 hatch with optional bow mini hatch), cruising sea kayak with superb initial and progressive secondary stability, ample gear storage options, full deck lines and bungees, and an extremely comfortable cockpit with plenty of room to stretch your legs as you take on longer journeys or travel between play spots along a coastline.

At around 16' in length, and drawing influence from the Scorpio and Virgo, the Leo fits neatly between the two in the P&H range to offer a boat which allows the paddler to explore all avenues of sea kayaking comfortably.

Leo is available in both MZ3 and CoreLite X constructions; MZ3 represents excellent value with impressive impact resistance and durability, whilst CoreLite X increases hull stiffness and reduces weight, enhancing the performance of our leading hull designs for a more responsive kayak.

Leo MV
Leo HV
Length (Feet) 16.04 16.04
Width (Inch)
22 23.22
Volume (Gallons)
65 88
Cockpit Length (Inch)
Cockpit Width (Inch)
Capacity (Pound)
180 273
Weight (CoreLite X) (Pound) 60 TBA
Weight (MZ3) (Pound)
60 59.5