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The Akiak is the world’s most popular Greenland-style carbon fiber paddle.

Combining proven Inuit ingenuity and advanced carbon fiber technology, the Akiak is a versatile paddle for all conditions. Sporting a perfectly balanced hydrodynamic shape, it allows kayakers to explore new waters further with ease.

Greenland style paddle blades make contact with the water covering roughly the same surface area as Euro-blades,

but the even distribution results in a smoother stroke and more control in the water.

The narrow blade also creates less resistance in the air, allowing paddlers to explore further with less physical strain.

The Akiak is available in shoulderless version. Previously it was offered in a shouldered version which some kayakers preferred due to the ledge between the loom and blade - we are unable to purchase additional shouldered versions of the Akiak at this time.

to ensure optimal hand placement and enhance leverage, fostering a consistent stroke.

Other paddlers prefer a shoulderless design because it allows for more flexibility in hand positioning for various strokes.

Length 210 cm 220 cm 230 cm
Loom Length 49 cm 51 cm 57 cm
Blade Width 8.4 cm 8.4 cm 8.4 cm
Weight (Black Paddle) 880 ± 30 g 910 ± 30 g 930 ± 30 g
Weight (Colored Paddle) 920 ± 30 g 950 ± 30 g 970 ± 30 g
Material Carbon Fiber Carbon Fiber Carbon Fiber