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Flagship soft-shouldered paddle - IPIK, weighing under 600g, constructed using 3D carbon technology. Gearlab’s first oval-shaped and shouldered loom, enhancing paddle control in lumpy conditions while providing an ergonomic fit.

IPIK is the lightest Greenland paddle Gearlab Outdoors has ever designed at under 600 grams. Thanks to the unique 3D wrapping construction offering the best strength-to-weight carbon fiber Greenland paddle on the market.

IPIK boasts an all new 3D carbon construction that intertwines the full paddle with continuous strands of aero grade carbon fiber. This results in superior strength, weight reduction, and a distinctive visual pyramid pattern.

The gently sloped transition between the loom and blade draws on a classic Inuit design to ensure quick hand-positioning, increased leverage, and intuitive paddle control.

The IPIK sports Gearlab’s first oval-shaped loom, enhancing paddle control and providing an ergonomic fit.

The 1.1mm sharp blade slices the water efficiently, while Gearlab’s patented third-generation replaceable ProTek tips protect IPIK from damage.