Gearlab Kalleq

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The Kalleq offers kayakers the ultimate touring experience. It is the lightest and strongest paddle in Gearlab's line, thanks to its revolutionary engineering, brilliant design, premium materials, and seamless carbon fiber construction.

Meticulously engineered, the Kalleq edge measures 1.1 mm at its thinnest point.

The smoothness of this edge guarantees complete comfort while the paddle slices the water with unparalleled efficiency.

A 220mm blade is constructed with 750 grams of seamless carbon fiber

to ensure the most comfortable, streamlined and durable paddling experience.

Exclusive carbon fiber weave is reinforced with threads that make it virtually impossible to tear.

Available only on the Kalleq, this Ripstop weaves adds a chic style to the paddle.

Length 210 cm 220 cm 230 cm
Loom Length 53 cm 55 cm 57 cm
Blade Width 8.8 cm 8.8 cm 8.8 cm
Weight 720 ± 30 g 750 ± 30 g 780 ± 30 g
Material Seamless Carbon Fiber Seamless Carbon Fiber Seamless Carbon Fiber