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Rolling Float is a kayak roll training device. It allows you to practice rolling with confidence, with less wet exits and more elegance.

There are three key components to rolling a kayak:
#1 Driving the legs and thigh, #2 Body buoyancy, and #3 Paddle floatation.

Gearlab Rolling Float helps you to be more comfortable with your body balance during your kayak rolling practice. The product is intuitive and provides more initial buoyancy than a paddle. Using the Rolling Float, you can practice more with elegance and confidence, minus the cumbersome wet exits.



One Grip Method

Grab the Rolling Float in one hand to practice Lay Back Rolls, aka a standard Greenland Roll.

Rolling Float



Two Grips Method

Grab the Rolling Float in two hands to practice Forward Finish Rolls, such as a Storm Roll.

Rolling Float




Self Rescue Paddle Float

Gearlab Outdoor’s Rolling Float also doubles as an inflatable paddle float that will fit both a Greenland (narrow) or Euro (wide) style paddle for a standard self-rescue maneuver.

Rolling Float