Gearlab Paddle Float

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The Paddle Float meets all safety requirements for both Greenland style and Euro-blade paddles. Constructed with quality materials, it provides excellent buoyancy and leverage to re-enter a kayak.

  • Gearlab’s Paddle Float is ideal for self-rescues, as well as for practice learning new rolls and mastering a balance brace.

  •  It is adaptable for use with both Greenland and Euro-style blades.

  •  A single blow-up valve inflates both chambers of the float, making it quick and easy to deploy.

  •  The float is constructed with quality materials, and the bright yellow color and reflective strip provide greater visibility in the water.

Type Double chamber, single valve
Outer dimensions 36 x 60 cm
Buoyancy 15 kg
Material 420D PU coating textile, reflective printing