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GurneyGoo™ Benefits:

  • Latest silicon technology with Tea Tree antiseptic qualities
  • Keeps your feet & skin dry, prevents prune wrinkles (and trench foot) in wet conditions
  • Anti Chafing and Anti Blister Feet, armpits, crotch, butt cheeks & nipples

Preventing blisters, chafing and pruning in extreme environments

Steve Gurney developed GurneyGoo to win races with his team, but not just any old races - Adventure racing. In extreme elements, and for up to 10 days of continuous racing.

  • Searing hot deserts
  • Freezing mountains
  • Sticky swamps
  • Long ocean paddles
  • Bum-numbing bike, horse and camels rides
  • Soggy, claustrophobic caves...

Keeping your skin in good shape is absolutely key to any Ultra/Extreme/Endurance race and GurneyGoo is invaluable to racers looking for reliability and consistency.

GurneyGoo has been brutally tested on world champion athletes and not on animals.

Paddler Testimonial:

"For chafing prevention, I smear GurneyGoo on the usual bum chafing spots; where the seat edges are, where there are any seams on my paddling pants, where my paddling pants waist top is, (and of course a good dollop on my anus). Then there are other common upper garment chafing spots around underarms, nipples and under chins where there are any collars.

For blister prevention on my hands, I rub GurneyGoo into my hands thoroughly the night before departure. Then again 2 or 3 hours before departure. (no sooner or the paddle shaft will be too slippery).

I swear by this double rub technique for kayak hands and have not had any blisters or chafing on any of my endurance paddles since."

Chafing and rubbing prevention

I like to think of the first step in the downward spiral of events as rubbing and chafing.
Rubbing and chafing can be caused by friction from shoes, boots, pack-straps, bra-straps, undies, shorts, clothing on nipples, kayak seats etc,
You know the uncomfortable start and the eventual pain and burning sensation when something rubs against your skin for too long.

Left unchecked the skin can rub so raw that it bleeds or forms a blister.

At a mechanical level if the friction is light rubbing or scratching, eventually the skin will be irritated, and then further rubbing may cause chafing, causing the skin to be rubbed raw and “angry”. Continued rubbing and friction can cause the skin to bleed and graze.

Blister Prevention is by far the best solution.

First step is to develop awareness, from there you can take easy steps to prevent your starter irritation from turning into blisters or worse.
This can be either from previous experience with rubbing clothing for example, or by simply developing greater vigilance. Many inexperienced athletes ignore the first signs, either justifying that they just need to toughen up, or their awareness is masked by the endorphin buzz, or “runners high”. Seasoned athletes have learned that this awareness can give a competitive edge to avoid loss of performance, loss of enjoyment and to prevent blisters and rubs from slowing them down and taking their edge away. They develop a new skill of awareness during their activity sessions.

Nipping a problem “in the bud” is useful.

  • The simplest solution is to use GurneyGoo just before your session on the areas that you know give you problems.
  • Next solution is to take a small tube of GurneyGoo in your pocket, hydration pack or toolkit. When, during your session, you start to develop a “hotspot” apply a liberal smear to the skin and/or offending clothing/apparatus and get onto the prevention before you have to start looking for a cure.

Alternatives are to apply tape or dressings to the area  eg a band-aid, second skin, Compeed or, if the area is large, duct tape works a treat!

If the problem persists after a few weeks, it might be time to consider altering or replacing the equipment or clothing.

I’ve deliberately worn some clothing inside-out to ensure the seams and labels don’t chafe me. E.g. lycra kayaking shorts, running tops and even underwear.
Some sports clothing designers seem to miss the important points about user comfort by putting bulky seams in the wrong places and using stiff and annoying labels.
I usually cut out the labels as soon as I buy clothing, but this may not solve the problem because of the cut-off edge that is left.

Get on top of your blister prevention before your injuries get on top of you.