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The Lasso Kong security cable improves upon what was already the best security in the market, giving you peace of mind. A new lock mechanism and larger cable; it easily secures a kayak to any standard rooftop rack, deterring theft of watercraft in the driveway or at the shoreline. The Kong Cable secures the whole boat, not just a grab loop or other attachment and is a striking visual deterrent.

• Super-tough 1/2-inch, vinyl-coated galvanized steel cabling.
• Key or combination in the same lock housing for versatility. Forgotten combination? Use key to open lock and re-set code. Lose key? Open lock with personal code.
• Sliding keyhole cover keeps salt air out and the locking mechanism clean from debris.
• Easily set combination to any 4-digit number code you choose.
• Secures in seconds and removes easily with no tools required; can be attached to standard car racks or even to a tree.
• Includes rugged Cordura™ nylon storage sack with draw cord closure for clean and tangle free storage or transport.
• Weight: 4.5 Lbs.
• Galvanized steel aircraft cable vinyl coated to 5/8”
• Overall length is roughly 16′
• Loop size is approximately 55”
• Tail length with lock is approximately 67”
• The product is also available in Touring size.