Mocke Wave Deflector

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The Wave Deflector is a piece of equipment that no serious downwind paddler should be without.  This simple but very effective tool keeps excess water out of your cockpit by deflecting the flow as it pours over your surfski’s nose and front deck.  This is of course an obvious benefit.

Recently it has been used with great success by Jasper Mocke on his low volume Fenn Spark surfski, and also used regularly by Dawid Mocke in a double surfski.

The Wave Deflector is stuck on using duct tape.  One sticks the leading edge down onto the deck.  One can also use velcro for an easier to “put on and remove” option.  Others have gone the permanent route and use epoxy.

  • Assists in keeping excess water out of your cockpit especially paddling upwind and when dropping into big runs
  • Generically sized to fit most surfski’s
  • One size for single OR double surfskis – especially effective on double surfskis
  • Try mulitple distances from your cockpit to find the perfect spot
  • Use duct tape to stick down the leading edge
  • Compact but effective


  • Try multiple distances in front of the cockpit from close to far away to find the most effective spot
  • Wear a peak cap as the spray sometimes deflects towards your face
  • Many users have used velcro to stick the deflector down making it easier to put on and take off