Nelo 510

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510 is the right entry boat for all that want to start paddling, easy to handle, durable, stable. Accommodates from children to adults and it allows a progression till a semi pro level. Allies the great lines of the 520 to an extra stable and durable boat.

As one of the few polyethylene surfskis on the market, the 510 is almost 10% lighter than other poly skis on the market and made from recycled material. As a plastic boat, it is generally much more durable than composite boats.

With a number of accessories, including an OC kit and a carbon bow tip, this could easily make it's way through any race you want to throw it at.  

Length (Feet) 16.73
Width (Inch) 21.65
Seat to Footrests (Inch) 33.86-40.55
Weight (P) 48.5