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GET IN AND GO So do you know how to paddle, already try to surf your first waves and the ocean asks for more from you? The 520 is the right a boat for every person who really wants to get into the sport of surfski. Like the 560, the 520 is easier to do downwind but also easy to paddle quickly on flat water. With the new side handles, it makes the carrying very easy. Perfect for all who looks comfort and speed in all water conditions. Due to its dimensions the maneuverability of the ski is better as changing direction and surfing waves becomes easier; the weight can be maintained whilst building a stiffer ski and for last but not less important as transport regulations become stricter one shorter ski can be transported without problem on a normal car roof rack.

As with the full Nelo composite surfski lineup, you can customize your preorder with a number of color/design options. Contact us for more details!

520 ML 520 L 520 XXL
Length (Feet) 17.06 17.06 17.06
Width (Inch) 20.47 20.97 21.26
Seat to Footrests (Inch) 30.32-38.98 35.43-42.13 35.43-42.13
Capacity (Pound) <165.35 165.35 - 198.42 >198.42
Weight (SCS) (Pound) 24.25 24.25 24.25
Weight (WWR) (Pound) 27.55 27.55 27.55