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The Amassalik is one of the oldest Nelo designs, during the years it became faster and more comfortable without loosing its stability and excellent behavior at sea. It is one of the most universal boats ever produced, by the wide range of user weights, conditions used and even level of expertise of the users, making it the perfect “Family” boat. The Amassalik is equipped with 2 watertight compartments, retractible rudder, full length life lines, towing rope and handles in accordance with the ICF safety rules.

As with the rest of Nelo's composite lineup, you can customize your preorder with a number of color/design options. Contact us for more details!

Length (Feet) 16.34
Width (Inch) 23.62
Cockpit 18.89-27.95
Seat to Footrests (Inch) 34.65-39.76
Weight (WWR) (Pound) 44
Weight ('E) (kg) 39.68
Weight (A1) (kg) 52.9