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Azores is a very stable Sea Kayak, making it a good option for beginners. Although being a Sea Kayak this boat allows the paddler to cruise in the sea, lake or river, with high stability and a pleasant speed. The Azores is also a short kayak, making it easier when it’s time to transport it around. It is fitted with all the security regulation features such as life line, towing rope and handles, as well as two watertight compartments and retractable rudder.

As with the rest of Nelo's composite lineup, you can customize your preorder with a number of color/design options. Contact us for more details!

Length (Feet) 15.75
Width (Inch) 23.62
Cockpit 19.29-36.61
Seat to Footrests (Inch)
Weight (WWR) (Pound) 44
Weight ('E) (kg) 39.68
Weight (A1) (kg) 52.9