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The largest single sprint kayak in our fleet. Like all our products, it has been created with attention to details. We were also testing it with coaches and proved to be the best kayak for the children aged 9-12 years. We have widened and lowered the seat to make it more stable. It is the best choice both for children starting the adventure with sprint kayaking and for the experienced ones. It has been proved to be faster and more stable when compared with other K1 kayaks used by children of this age group. It could be used both for flatwater and for sea. You can customize it when it comes to colors and equipment e.g. venturi system for the sea/ocean training. We guarantee that our surfski has no equal when it comes to the children kayaks.

Futurekids Ocean Ski Maxi
Length (Feet) 13.78
Width (Inch) 14.96
Weight (A1) (kg) 19.84