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If you get here to know more about the Mini than that’s the moment that you know what you need. You need the Kayak not only for fun but also for professional training. Mini is the middle-sized surfski. We have widened the seat so that every child between 6 and 9 years old could easily fit in it. We made it as light as possible while we have maintain its durability properties. The boat maintains optimal speed and stability parameters both on flat water and sea. It will give confidence to your child, it’s safe, easy to climb back and it always floats. Mini is not only a product for training, your child will easily win many competitions while using it. Like any other of our kayaks it can be customized with graphics and it could be equipped with venturi system. We guarantee that our surfski has no equal when it comes to children kayaks.

Futurekids Ocean Ski Mini
Length (Feet) 11.48
Width (Inch) 14.17
Weight (A1) (kg) 17.64