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Excel means stand out, transcend, outclass from ... ...

The main feature of this model is its smaller rocker (the hull's banana curvature) that makes the bow cut through the water from the beginning of the hull. The result is a very fast canoe in standing water conditions, and being 6 meters long it has an amazing performance between the waves on downwinds.


  • Ama: Glides over the surface all the timedue to its flat hull
  • Cockpit close to bow.
  • Fittings: front and rear straps, black anodized aluminium iakos, leash strap and extra seaweed rudder.

As with the rest of Nelo's composite lineup, you can customize your preorder with a number of color/design options. Contact us for more details!

Length (Feet) 19.69
Width (Inch) 15.75
Seat to Footrests (Inch)
Capacity (Pound) <264.55
Weight (SCS) (Pound) 28.66
Weight (WWR) (Pound) 36.15