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Q-PowerLine represents over 5 years of research and development to engineer the ultimate line specifically for traction kiting applications. The unique cored construction utilizes continuous linear strands of very high tenacity Spectra 2000® fiber encased in an extremely tight braided Spectra 2000 sheath. The resulting line exhibits the ideal characteristics for traction kiting: almost zero stretch means minimal length adjustments and incredible kite “feel” when flying, no sleeving required makes it easy to produce your own custom sets, a round cross-section minimizes parasitic wind-drag increasing both the kites forward speed and response to pilot input, a tight external braid reduces dirt abrasion, and a higher modulus (stiffness) than traditional lines almost totals eliminates line tendency to tangle.

Sold by the foot. Generally we suggest purchasing  double the length of your boat to make sure you have plenty of extra.

Please ask us for guidance/input if you are unsure how many feet you will need.