SmartTrack Recreational Toe Pilot Foot Control (ST3873)

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The two-part Toe Pilot Foot Control consists of a fixed lower half of pedal to provide solid bracing at all times, and a movable toe piece allows rudder operation.  The Recreational has plastic rails, though less rigid than Performance Rails (aluminum), they are lighter in weight.  They are also at a lower price point making them more affordable for some customers.

The Recreational Toe Pilot Foot Controls are often the preferred Foot Control for retrofitting Fishing Kayaks or other Sit-On-Top Kayaks where the rails need to be connected from the boat from the cockpit area to molded inserts.  (Performance TPFC requires a screw from the outside of the boat, or inside the hull in SOTs, where the Recreational can be attached from either side)

Steering is accomplished by minute pressure from toes to the top half of the pedals. Feet don’t slide back and forth to steer.

While seated, pedal position is easily adjusted from the cockpit. Pedals cannot be accidentally dislodged.

The track design prevents sand build-up.