Werner Algonquin FG 1 Piece Bent Shaft Uncut

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[ al - gon - qwin ]
Algonquin Provincial Park is a destination canoe touring region of Eastern Canada. The park was established in 1893 and covers 7,653 square kilometers.

Werner brings confidence to the canoe paddler with the Algonquin. No longer let concerns of the reliability of light weight carbon keep you from the feel and performance you love in a paddle. Decades of working with carbon have given us the expertise to be able to go light, under 12 ounces, and still be strong. Beyond the physical light weight, the Algonquin will paddle light with the buoyancy of our Ultimate designed blades. Each stroke pops from the water at the exit, quietly and effortlessly. No detail in workmanship is missed when this work of art is handcrafted in our facility in Monroe, WA USA.

Nantahala 1 Piece Straight Shaft**Product comes uncut, please specify desired length and we will cut/assemble for you. If no length provided, product will be shipped uncut/unassembled.**Nantahala 1 Piece Straight Shaft

Shaft Option: Bent
Pieces: 1 Piece
Weight Grams: 333g.
Weight Ounces: 11.75oz. 
Length Range: 48" - 58" in 1" increments. Cut to fit ships at 58".
Blade Surface Area: 95 in2
Blade Length x Width: 18.75in x 7in