Werner Apex 91 CF 1 Piece Straight Shaft Uncut

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The Churchill River runs through Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. The river travels 1,609 sq kilometers and is entirely within the bounds of the Canadian Shield.

Listen, the river is calling. For so many canoeists the call of the river trip is an energy that burns deep inside with gear just packed away from the latest, but already planning the next. Our Churchill canoe touring paddle is built with our Premium fiberglass blades, known the world over by paddlers for their amazing combination of stiffness, light swing weight and abrasion and impact resistance. You can now stop cringing as you stare through that gorgeous, crystal clear water and see rocks going by. Both the river paddler and open water cruiser will appreciate the stable, gentle strokes of our blade shape, the light feel in your hands and the exquisite quality 50 plus years of experience brings.

Nantahala 1 Piece Straight Shaft**Product comes uncut, please specify desired length and we will cut/assemble for you. If no length provided, product will be shipped uncut/unassembled.**Nantahala 1 Piece Straight Shaft

Shaft Option: Bent
Pieces: 1 Piece
Weight Grams: 444g.
Weight Ounces: 15.75oz. 
Length Range: 48" - 58" in 1" increments. Cut to fit ships at 58".
Blade Surface Area: 95 in2
Blade Length x Width: 18.75in x 7in